Wire-Wrapped Wedding Invitations: Modern, Edgy, Industrial Chic

We at Art by Ellie tried something entirely new, and turned a classic wedding invitation into a unique work of modern art. In the photos of our wire-wrapped wedding invitations we've highlighted below, we used the exact same classic invitation – simple, traditional, and typography-based on ivory, then we layered a color cardstock backer behind it and selected a wire color that coordinated with or contrasted the stock color for a sleek and polished finished look.

We absolutely love this style because it is formal (as a wedding invitation should be) but also modern, edgy, industrial, and high-fashion. 

Wire-wrapping is a uniquely artistic way to work in a major pops of color and shine without that color becoming overwhelming or detracting from the formality of the wedding. Another benefit is that the wire wraps remain beautifully flat throughout mailing (unlike ribbons and bows) and they don't add much weight to the invitation suite at all. For available colors and more photos, please see our Wire-Wrapped Wedding Invitations page.

Some of our favorites include a dusty rose backer with gold wire, a slate grey backer with black wire, and we also put together an electric neon green backer with fuschia wire and a neon pink envelope (below, center) – if Betsey Johnson were throwing a wedding, wouldn't that be so exactly what she would want? As a child of the 80s, I couldn't resist those wild and beautiful colors together, and I love the contrast of the fun and funky palette with the formality of the classic typography. Enjoy!