Wedding Invitation Wording

Your wedding invitation is one of the few keepsakes from your wedding that will last a lifetime. Couples and wedding professionals alike spend hours pouring over details of the invitation suite, ensuring that it fits your colors, venue, and theme. Deciding on your wording may seem like a daunting task, but we've gathered a few tips to help.

This example shows the most traditional wording based on formal etiquette and the bride’s parents hosting the wedding:


Mr. and Mrs. Firstname Lastname
request the honor of your presence (for ceremonies held in houses of worship)

request the pleasure of your company (for all other ceremony venues)
at the marriage of their daughter

Bride's Name (First Middle)

Groom's Name (First Middle Last)*

on Day, the Date of Month
two thousand sixteen

at time o'clock in the evening
Venue Name
Venue Address (optional)
Venue City, State (no zip)

Reception immediately following


*Tip: If you would like to list both parents, this can be done by placing the groom’s parents below his name. (Ex: son of Mr. and Mrs. Firstname Lastname).

Of course every family is different, and we can help properly tailor your wording to your suit your ceremony's unique details.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Dates should be spelled out
  • Capitalize all proper nouns
  • Street addresses are not necessary for places of worship, but the city and state are always included (eg. Trinity United Methodist Church, Arlington, Texas)
  • State names should be spelled out
  • Zip codes should not be included

To view several wording arrangements in action, head over to our wedding design gallery. The Art by Ellie team is happy to help you decide on the best wording style for you and your wedding invitation design - just let us know how we can best be of service!