Timing is Everything

We receive a lot of questions regarding the invitation timeline, and understandably so! Mail too early, and guests may forget to RSVP. Mail too late, and no one will be able to show up. Setting a timeline early on is imperative to save yourself a lot of stress.

Wedding Invitation Mailing Timeline

Generally, save-the-dates are sent out 4-6 months before the wedding, but it is acceptable to send these out as early as 9 months prior, especially if you’re having a destination or international wedding.

Wedding invitations are most often sent out 6-8 weeks before the wedding. Rarely, invitations are mailed as early as 12 weeks prior to the big day. Adversely, mailing invitations as little as 4 weeks before the wedding can be acceptable if the guest list is very small, family-only, and/or mostly local.

Wedding Invitation Design Time

Once you approve your quote and formally “book,” we add your project to our design schedule, which typically fills about 2 weeks in advance. From there, design time varies depending on the number of revisions as well as how quickly we communicate. This process usually ranges from 2-4 weeks (sometimes more). From the time you approve the final design for print, it generally takes less than 2 weeks for you to have to order in your hands (additional time is required for letterpress printing). If you have ordered an invitation that requires assembly, we will need to allot extra time for that after printing is complete. All in all, we recommend booking about 20 weeks before your wedding.

Rush Orders

Sometimes, for an additional fee, we are able to expedite the process a bit (the remaining variable is how quickly you communicate with us during the design process and the number of revisions). We are generally not able to accommodate timelines within 14 weeks of the wedding date except in very specific cases (if you are planning to mail 4-6 weeks in advance of the wedding, for instance - this would leave us at least 8 weeks for the design and printing process). Rush orders may be accepted on a case-by-case basis; please contact us ASAP.

We hope this information is helpful in your planning process!