Wedding Invitation Assembly Pro Tips

If your invitation suite consists of an invitation and RSVP card, stuffing them into an envelope isn't exactly rocket science, though it can take some time depending on the quantity. But add in additional enclosure cards, layered pieces, pocket folders, and/or a belly band wrap to hold it all together neatly, and some assembly will be required. Envelope liners are also a pretty way to add a pop of color or some pattern for contrast, but their installation can take valuable time. 


Since we have assembled and mailed thousands of wedding invitations, we are super efficient (and we are happy to offer this service), but if you prefer to assemble and mail the invitations yourself, that's totally fine too. We include all the materials needed along with your invitations and envelopes, and we have put together some handy tips here to help with wedding invitation suite assembly:

How to Assemble
Pocketfolder Invitations

Tip: Don't forget to address and stamp your RSVP envelopes before stuffing the folders!

How to Assemble Belly Bands

Tip: Don't forget to address and stamp your RSVP envelopes before wrapping the bands!

How to Assemble Envelope Liners

Tip: Make sure addressing and return addressing is complete before installing liners, then stuff, seal, and stamp last!