Wedding Invitation Addressing Styles

The addressing on your wedding invitation envelopes is one of the most vital elements of your suite – if your invitation doesn't arrive to your guests successfully and beautifully, then what's the point of the lovely invitation inside, right? We offer three addressing styles: envelope printing, modern calligraphy, and hand-lettering. 

Envelope Printing:

Printing your guests' addresses is the most cost-effective option, and coordinates seamlessly with any invitation design since it allows for endless font, style, and color combinations. Printing also allows us to use just one font, or mix script and block fonts for a nice contrast. We can print guest addresses, your return address on the flap, and print your address on RSVP reply envelopes as well.

photo by Erich McVey


Calligraphy is the most formal addressing option and also the most expensive. We offer a modern calligraphy style that is a mix of script and block fonts, with big beautiful numerals for the zip code. Most calligraphers charge between $3-$5 per envelope based on the intricacy of the lettering style (fun tip: when addressing an order of envelopes with calligraphy, we can only do about 20-30 per day before our hands desperately need a break, and the envelopes are very time-consuming). Once complete, we allow the ink to dry for a full 24 hours, we spray with a light coating to ensure the ink won't smear in the mail, and then we allow that to cure for another 24 hours before preparing the envelopes for final delivery.


Hand-lettered envelope addressing is a less-intense twist on our modern calligraphy. Hand lettering allows for more of a whimsical style and is a great way to mix up flourish-styled lettering with block lettering, completed with pen-tip instead of a calligraphy nib and liquid ink. You can view samples of hand-lettering and more photos of all our addressing styles here.