Summer Camp Wedding Invitation

As summer gets into full swing, we're reminded of one of our favorite invitation suites of 2014. The couple reserved a summer campground called John Knox Ranch in the Central Texas Hill Country for their wedding weekend. First, we created a wedding brand/logo for the couple and turned their wedding weekend into "Camp HD," named for the bride and groom's initials.

Next, we moved on to the couple's save-the-date, which was actually a "save the weekend," highlighting a photo of the couple on the front, along with all the pertinent details, and their wedding brand prominently featured on the back with arrow details.

For the couple's wedding invitation suite, there was a lot of information to share. Guests had the option of lodging in a cabin at the camp (though space was limited), the ability to participate in many wedding weekend activities, and everyone would need a map of the campground, even if only to reach the ceremony location (that's one place we'll bet a Google map can't get you). We definitely needed to create multiple enclosure cards.

With all the information, we didn't want things to look too busy, so we opted for a simple neutral palette to help simplify and not overwhelm guests. All cards were printed on ivory linen stock, which provided a rich texture, and we used a mix of hand-written and block fonts on the invitation. On the cards with more text, a legible and space-saving font was used for the body text, and even though there were large text areas, we were able to tie-in the arrow detail from the couple's wedding brand by enlarging the graphic and making it the background of the card, nearly transparent.

Each enclosure card's front and back side is shown below: information/directions, and itinerary/custom campground map (complete with fun little icons like trees, cabins, and trails), as well as front and back of the save-the-date, the front of the invitation, and the full suite when stacked together with kraft brown RSVP envelope, mailing envelope, and wrapped with our custom-designed hand-drawn floral belly band.

For a finishing touch to Camp HD, we also provided envelope printing, as well as a large custom rubber stamp of the Camp HD logo for the bride to stamp guests' welcome bags which were placed on their bunks. We just love this invitation suite and we were so pleased with the way everything turned out!