RSVP Response Cards

No two RSVP cards are exactly the same - vertical or horizontal, minimalist or packed to the brim with info, big and brushy type or prim and proper serif block fonts - they’re always different! Art by Ellie put together a super-helpful comprehensive blog post on RSVP cards last year and we’d like to take the opportunity to share it again as we near peak spring wedding season.

As we mentioned, “RSVP cards serve a very important (and obvious) purpose,” but the opportunities for customization are truly endless! We encourage all brides-to-be and wedding industry professionals to brush up on their RSVP education HERE, where you’ll find info on:

  • RSVP cards vs. RSVP postcards vs. RSVP-prompt cards

  • A good timeline to ask your guests to return their RSVPs to you

  • The purpose of the big “M” (and alternatives)

  • Lots of samples of the endless ways to word the rest of the card, from formal to whimsical, and even funny

Let us know if you have additional response card questions we can answer!