Modern Gift Registry

Wedding Registry Etiquette

Guests want to know where you’ve registered, and we know you want to let them know – we get asked about including this info with wedding invitations all the time. But it is important to note that your wedding registry should not be included with your formal wedding invitation mailing whatsoever, as it is considered rude and implies a gift is expected in return. The traditional way that your registry info should make the rounds is by word of mouth, but in more modern times, registries are included on the wedding website, and we can simply direct guests to your wedding website “for additional information,” wink, wink.

So what should go on an enclosure card? We have some tips:

Enclosure Card info, Part 1
Enclosure Card info, Part 2

Loophole: Shower Invitations

You can (and should) include your registry information with your shower invitations, either on the invitation itself, or on a small separate card if your registry provides you with those. The whole purpose of a shower is to shower you with gifts, so it is not considered rude in the slightest to include this info - it’s actually very helpful for your guests!

Gift Buying & Receiving (What to Expect)

Just to clear up any confusion on the topic: as a gift-giver, it is always best to stick to the gift registry (expect to spend about $50 as a minimum and up to $100+ depending on your relationship to the couple and of course what your finances will allow). Do not assume that just because you saw something cute and put a bow on it, it will be what they really wanted. What a newly-hitched couple really wants/needs are the things they picked out together on their registry!

As a bride/groom, you should expect that most of your guests will buy from your registry, or they will give you gift cards to the stores on your registry, or will give the always-welcome gift of cash. Of course, it’s best to be gracious about any gift you receive, including the gift of a loved one’s presence, especially if they traveled to be with you on your big day – remember that a gift is not a requirement of their attendance.

Modern Gift Registry

While historically, many couples have gone to brick-and-mortar stores to register, we love the modern streamlined wedding registry at Zola. The interface is gorgeous and simple to use for you and your guests, and they also offer beautiful wedding websites which can tie right in to your registry page so there are no guessing games - you only have to refer your guests to one simple site, and there is a built-in cash fund! Click any of the images in this handy giving guide to open them larger:

Happy giving & receiving!