It's Just Laura

You may have come to this site searching for custom wedding invitations and are now wondering what the heck happened...

You may be a wedding professional I've worked with before, in which case, you're definitely wondering what the heck happened...


I'm Laura. I'm a graphic designer. Basically, since 2009, I designed as the brand "Art by Ellie" (Ellie being the phonetic expression of my initials, L.E.), offering custom designed wedding stationery and related paper goods, but I also offered all kinds of graphic design services, including logos, flyers, business cards, etc. for businesses.

Eventually I had enough business from businesses that it made sense to take those business design services off to a brand all their own - enter Green Apple Lane. I have no idea why I didn't do this sooner, but as a small business owner, you're just so "in it" every day, it's tough to see the big picture. Once Art by Ellie solely offered wedding-related design services and we'd migrated all our business clients and services to Green Apple Lane, I found myself pulled that direction more and more every day. I've read many articles over the years that talk about "career pivots" and I didn't even realize I was in one. It didn't feel like a pivot, since I told myself I wasn't going in a different direction – design is design, right? Wrong.

I have studied business, advertising, and design. I come from a strong background in print journalism. I love math and science and I read a lot. I like happy people and I even like weddings. But I don't LOVE weddings. And when I think back, designing for the invitation/stationery industry was really always a business decision. I couldn't just quit my day-job as an Art Director, snap my fingers, and have businesses lined up to work with me (not to mention a stream of work steady enough to keep me afloat), but I could start marketing myself and work on a lot of small, short jobs with pretty much anyone, anywhere (thank you, technology).

I could break down all the little things I love and don't love about each business model, but I won't bore you with the details. It boils down to this: the work I'm doing at Green Apple Lane excites the heck out of me every day.

Every week I would answer 10-30 new client inquiries for Art by Ellie, and I knew the longer I kept answering them, the longer I'd be doing wedding stationery. Eventually I had to turn off the faucet, so to speak, so I took the website offline last fall to decide what I wanted to do. I still kept/keep up with clients and inquiries every day via email (I would never leave anyone high and dry), but after a couple weeks of the site being down, I felt my workload lighten a bit. I was spending less time answering emails. I had more focus. I had more time to spend actually designing!

So over these last few weeks, I've put an enormous amount of thought and effort into what I wanted to continue to offer, and I've ended up with what we have here. I still have our long history of blog posts available, as well as my portfolio of designs still up for inspiration, and:

If you're a stationer, I'd be happy to work with you!

If you're a fellow graphic designer and you want to collaborate, let me know!

If you're a wedding pro and I can help make your life better, let's do it!

And if you're interested in envelope printing or commissioning custom artwork, please don't hesitate to reach out!

I still have a lot of new work from 2017 I'm going to put up on this site and it will likely take me the better part of 2018 to be completely finished with the Art by Ellie projects I already have on the books, but that's OK - a weight has been lifted and I am enjoying ALL of my design projects!

So join me in saying "so long" to Ellie – it's just Laura now.

Laura Heymann