How to Assemble Belly Bands

Belly bands serve to hold together all the contents of an invitation suite while adding a touch of character. Sometimes they add a pop of coordinating or contrasting color, or can be a great place to add a monogram or a couple's wedding brand/logo. Here are the steps to assembling your belly bands:

Stack your cards in the order than you want them. You may only have one card or as many as 3-4. Lay your belly band across the top, centered where you want the design to lay on the front.

Once you have everything centered the way you like it, flip everything upside down while holding it all together as to not shift the stacked pieces. Using a bone-folding tool, make a solid crease mark in the back of the belly band right up against the edges of the stack so that it’s super easy to fold and gives you a clean edge. Adversely, you can just use your fingers to fold the sides of the wrap. Lastly, overlap the two ends of the wrap and adhere using glue dots. Beautiful!