Enclosure Cards, Part 2

We came up with so much enclosure card info that we had to split the post into two parts - be sure to catch up with Part 1 here! Now we’re getting down to the nitty gritty details with practical tips and what works best.

Enclosure Cards vs. Wedding Website

Wedding websites have been gaining in popularity over the past few years, and are a super-convenient way to list all of the important info about your upcoming nuptials in one central place for guests to find. Feel free to skip all of the cards above and let us design a sweet and to-the-point “wedding website prompt” card that simply directs guests to your site for more information.

Function vs. Fluff

At Art by Ellie, we try to keep enclosure cards functional and practical and we put both sides of the card to good use. The most popular combination of enclosures we design has directions info on one side and accommodations info on the other, along with the wedding website listed on one or both sides. 

Directions: Doesn’t Everyone Just Use Their Phone?

One last way we recommend keeping your paper goods as functional as possible, is to consider printing a wedding website prompt card for your younger guests (so all they will receive is the invitation, RSVP card, and wedding website card), and then printing a directions/accommodations card just for the out-of-towners or older relatives (so they will receive an invitation, RSVP card, and enclosure card).

Keep it Together

A pocket folder is a gorgeous way to keep all your enclosure cards together with your invitation as a beautiful presentation. I hesitate to recommend a pocket folder unless you have at least one enclosure card, since the invitation is stuck down to its own panel, and the RSVP card should be coming back to you, there should be at least one other card that will stay in the pocket, otherwise, it really serves no purpose.

A belly band is the most practical solution to ensure your invitation suite arrives to your guests as a neat, tidy package, rather than a jumbled stack of cards, and can be used in conjunction with a pocket folder, or completely on its own, around your neatly stacked cards. Almost all of our invitation suites opt for a belly band. It’s just really the finishing touch to the invitation suite and we can print on it (monograms or wedding dates are popular on belly bands), or we can use a specialty paper without any printing on it at all. Both are lovely, and what we use just depends on your personal preference and your custom design.