Enclosure Cards, Part 1

When sending out formal wedding invitations, you will typically need to include at least a few other cards with additional information for your guests. We have covered RSVP cards in detail here, and now our focus turns to enclosure cards. We start with the most common enclosure types, and also note the enclosure card opportunities unique to destination weddings.

What is an Enclosure Card?

“Enclosure card” is used to describe all of the additional cards included in your wedding invitation suite. 

Common Enclosure Cards

Directions: A map to or list of directions to your ceremony venue from various starting points (or both a map and directions).

Accommodations: A listing of suggested hotel properties for your guests to stay, where you may or may not include a code if you have a room block reserved (see graphic for sample wording).

Reception Info: If your reception is at the same venue as your ceremony, you won’t need this, but if your reception is held at a different venue, or it is at a different time or even a different day, you will likely want to include a separate card to notate all the additional reception information.

Wedding Website: If we are designing another type of enclosure card already, we will typically add the wedding website to it without the need for a separate card. (Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post, which contains additional info on how to incorporate your wedding website into your invitation mailing.)

Destination Enclosure Cards

Travel Info: Beyond an accommodations card, you may want to include the property where the ceremony is taking place or where you plan to stay (popular for resorts), travel agent info, and suggested travel dates so guests can choose whether to attend pre- and post- wedding events.

Itinerary: This is a great place to outline all the group activities where friends and family can opt-in in the days surrounding the wedding – we’ve seen everything from spa days, golf, rehearsals, group meals, wine tastings, horseback riding, etc.

Things To Do in the Area: If you expect a lot of out-of-towners or for a destination wedding, an alternative to an itinerary is just to create a fun list of things to do near the hotels where you reserve room blocks or near your wedding venue.

Common Words and Phrases (in another language): For international weddings, it is so fun to include a list of common words and phrases in the dominant language of the destination, such as Spanish, German, or French.

Luggage Tags: We can even print, cut, laminate, and hole punch luggage tags for your guests that match your wedding invitation motif.

Buy Me Presents!

Notably absent from this list is gift registry info. It is important to note that your wedding registry should not be included with your invitation mailing, as it is considered rude and implies a gift is expected in return, according to etiquette experts. The traditional way that your registry info should make the rounds is by word of mouth, but in more modern times, registries are included on the wedding website, and we can simply direct guests to your wedding website “for additional information,” wink, wink.

On to Part 2...