Custom Watercolor Wedding Invitations

Incorporating watercolor into wedding invitations is the trend that just won't quit. If anything, we seem to be getting more and more requests for painting everything from greenery and flowers to maps and venue facades. Some watercolor pieces are more abstract - a swash here and a stroke there - but all are simply beautiful. We have several more watercolor pieces currently in-process, and we can't wait to share!

For some pieces, we create individual elements - each leaf, flower, or map element is a separate piece which we can then manipulate and arrange together graphically once we digitize the painting. And for some pieces, we create the texture or the entire piece as one full painting and simply place it as a single graphic (most often though, we prefer the former, as it allows us more customization without having to repaint the whole piece over and over again for each revision or adjustment).

If you have been dreaming of including watercolor in your wedding invitation suite, you've found the right place to bring your vision to reality.