Real Wedding Inspiration: Custom Venue Watercolor Painting

Ashton's wedding ceremony was held at her home church in Texas, where she has loved the lattice-work stained glass windows for as long as she can remember.

For her save-the-dates, she really wanted a watercolor vignette of the outside of the church and submitted a photo to us of the three arched doorways and front steps, from a side-view angle. We put brush to paper and watercolor painted the area, then sketched some more concrete lines over the soft color, digitized, and edited the painting a little further on the computer. Initially, the vignette was only about an inch or two tall at the top center of the save-the-date, with the wording as the main focus, but the bride loved the painting so much, it became the main focal point of the piece with wording just along the top and bottom, at her request. We also sent her the final electronic file of the artwork for her to reproduce and have framed in their home.

For the invitation, Ashton wanted us to create the stained glass windows from the sanctuary and we discussed printing them on the back of one of the pieces - perhaps the invitation itself or an enclosure card, to accent the traditional and classic designs, which were printed on heavy double-thick cotton stock. Again, we were furnished with a photo of the windows and went to work on a watercolor painting. The lattice lines were added digitally to the piece once it was completed and scanned in, for a super-straight and even effect. At nearly the last-minute before printing, we had the idea of printing the stained glass on clear vellum paper exactly the same size as the invitation so it would overlay the piece perfectly and also be slightly see-through for a real stained-glass window effect. The bride positively loved that idea, and we all couldn't have been more pleased with the results. Several of her bridal portraits and wedding photos included the church windows - aren't they gorgeous?

At the wedding, Ashton showcased a matted print of the church exterior, along with two matted stained glass window pieces for their guests to sign, and today all three pieces are now framed in the couple's home. We are so honored to have created such treasured artwork for our clients!