Custom Rubber Stamps

Custom rubber stamps add a personal touch to mailings and are super-convenient for return addressing. For weddings, your custom stamp can be used throughout the planning process, from save-the-dates and shower invitations to your wedding invitations and even when mailing your thank you notes. When you consider the innumerable uses, a stamp is much less expensive than envelope printing (which you may want to reserve just for your formal wedding invitations) and much cuter than return address labels.

The possibilities are endless… beyond return addresses, we can design stamps for business use; a personal monogram to be used on stationery; a logo or wedding brand for use on favor bags (muslin, paper, etc.) or favor tags; or a “this belongs to” custom stamp you can use to brand your kiddo’s school supplies or your personal library. Let us know what you want to stamp, and we’ll be happy to help!